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WAY OFF TRACK is an outdoor and adventure tourism company in the heart of the Okutama valleys, just north Tokyo but unbelievably still within the Tokyo boundaries, located in Japan. 


SERENI.DESIGN designed an apparel collection to help support the continued growth and demand for the outdoor industry and to give something back to the people who have invested their time and energy in taking part in the WAY OFF TRACK events & tours. 

T-shirts and souvenirs were the main requests after feedback was received after each event so I created the complete package for the company, from T-shirt designs to eco-friendly packaging that would still heavily retain the ethics and code of WAY OFF TRACK. 

All packaging had to be produced from recycled materials and all packaging had to be biodegradable, packaging would also be limited and only used if whereby necessary, customers who required packaging would then be charged an additional fee to help control the use of disposables and waste and hopefully prevent such items being used. 


All T-shirts are hand printed on organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly inks. Not only are the T-shirts environmentally friendly they will also give back to the environment, through the TEE for TREE campaign. For each T-shirt sold, 3 trees will be planted to help maintain the reforestation efforts and to help keep the balance of our very fragile ecosystem so that all life can flourish and grow.

Art direction - Sereni.Design

Design - Justin Sereni

way offtrack apparel 1.jpg
tshirt display slide1.jpg
tshirt display slide10.jpg
tshirt display slide9.jpg
tshirt display slide8.jpg
tshirt display slide7.jpg
tshirt display slide6.jpg
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tshirt display slide4.jpg
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