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10 years since it was first launched the Mariana series still holds a special place in the hearts of all the clubbing veterans of Tokyo. On a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, a very intelligent style of techno music was gifted to the Tokyo club scene through Mariana, by its creator Dave Twomey aka TR_NCH.  


Mariana was the brainchild and vision of Dave Twomey aka TR_NCH, a music producer and club producer from the UK. With a keen eye for detail and an almost irritable level of perfection, Dave made sure that with every decision he made to craft Mariana it would continue to echo throughout the years as one of the best clubbing experiences in Tokyo. 


From live oil visual projections to the bespoke candle arrangements which surrounded the DJ booth that created an ambiance not seen in a Tokyo club before, and the incredible artists that made the events that much more special including the likes of Peter Van Hoesen, Ben Klock, and Mike Parker to name a few of its guests. 


With creative direction by Dave Twomey and myself and beautifully crafted illustrations by Shantell Martin, a very minimalistic brand was created for Mariana. A brand that would mirror the dark and spacial world of the Mariana trench picking out small fine details and delivering them within a very open canvas. 


After 3 years of the same continuous design with very little changes to the basic layout and brand, we decided to push the boundaries of the brand to include a bolder and more refined lead typeface, as the parties grew then so should the brand. Unfortunately, this new direction of the flyer was the first and last of its new direction.


Sadly during this incredible adventure that Dave had embarked upon he was also diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer which saw him battle the disease over the years that he was crafting Mariana. Unfortunately, Dave’s battle was too strong and he was not able to win the fight and sadly passed away in 2013, and with his passing Mariana followed, leaving behind beautiful memories, a new understanding of intelligent Techno and a club scene that hasn’t quite been matched since.  


I personally feel strongly about showcasing this simple but memorable project after 10 Years, because Dave was one of the first people to give me a chance in creating a brand here in Tokyo, in a place that still felt new to me, where some times I felt like I was just sinking and not being able to find the surface, not really a part of anything. Dave had faith in me to help craft his vision and in doing so gave me a chance to become part of the creative network here in Japan and to also become part of the electronic music community. I will always value the opportunity he trusted me with and value the people that took the journey with us.    


You will always be remembered Dave Twomey.

Rest in peace and shine down upon the dance floors.   

Art direction - Sereni.Design

Design - Justin Sereni

Illustration - Shantell Martin

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