imassage is an On-Demand Booking service designed for iOS and Android. Focused on the Japanese market imassage was developed to create a simplified booking system for customers, therapists, and salons. An application designed to connect all three points of the communication and sales process. 

I was commissioned to create visuals and a brand theme for the online web presence, designing both the client and store side of the websites with a responsive flow, in both Japanese & English. 


I also created print materials, promotional materials, copy writing, and a brand guideline for an already existing logo. Unfortunately, I was not able to design the logo or the brand/company but I am sure that if given the opportunity I would like to do so in the future, creating a more cohesive brand that flows across all of the business. 

Art direction - Sereni.Design

Design - Justin Sereni


Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.
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